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Anwar: I am Back!

(BN in distress, Anwar is back! Image source: The People’s Parliament)

What a win!

From Anilnetto

The final official majority is 15,671 votes. Anwar secured 31,195 votes; Ariff 15,524 votes and Akim’s Hanafi Mamat 92 votes (deposit lost).

And interestingly this is despite:-

BN pushing its whole election machinery to fight against one man (the TV, the newsprint, the money, the swearing, prominent spokesmen including top government officials – in the case of swearing);

Khairy making the arrogant remarks that they will bury Anwar’s political ambitions in this by election;

The sodomy accusations against Anwar;

The swearing on the Quran against Anwar;

There is a discrepancy between the Election Commission’s figure for the voter turnout of 65 per cent turnout and the actual turnout, which was 80 per cent;

Anwar still made with a bigger majority than his wife did in the last general election. Read his press statement after the win here.

As mentioned by Anwar, “this may be one small step for Permatang Pauh but one giant leap for the people of Malaysia”. True and right on the point.

Not forgetting bloggers (in particular Haris Ibrahim & Anil Netto) who kept us informed on what was happening on the ground (we know the mainstream is not going to report anyway). This marked a new era on onsite reporting by bloggers – a minute by minute update and analysis.

Bloggers are still making history in Malaysian media landscape.

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1 thought on “Anwar: I am Back!”

  1. It looks like parashoots .
    Someone’s gonna use the parashoot to get out of parliment?
    Yea.. they’re all going to say bye bye and jump.hahaha

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