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What was the Penang Government was thinking when they came out with this bright idea?

I agree that winning the silver medal in the Olympics is no small feat – to be one of the best in the world and therefore it deserves the right rewards and gratitude but don’t you think giving “Datukship” has gone a bit too far?

From theStar

GEORGE TOWN:Olympic silver medallist Lee Chong Wei is to be made a Datuk by the Penang Government.

Another datukship wasted on another young promising Malaysian.

What is this? Certainly datukship in Malaysia is coming down to a whole new level. What next? Datukship for those who can eat the most sausages within a minute? Don’t be surprised – it could happen!

We appreciate Lee Chong’s winning in the Olympics but at this rate of handing over Datukships for any achievements under the sun, we may come to a situation where the non-Datuks will be minorities.

It would have been better if any method of rewards could have been granted by the State Government but granting Datukship….is just too soon, too high.

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6 thoughts on “Datukship”

  1. Where were you when the BN government granted Datukship to the guy who merely swam the English Channel? In a very slow pace? Or are you just anti-Penang?

  2. Chong Wei has been playing badminton for Malaysia for so long and has won many other medals. Don’t be confused that this is due to only one medal.

  3. Nothing against Chong Wei – he deserve the reward but I think giving Datukship is going a bit too far. If the other State beat the Penang Government to it, let it be so – I am sure the State Government can help in other ways to reward the sportman.

    And talking about Datukship, sometime ago, Lim Guan Eng himself posed the question to BN led Government by asking them to state the qualifying criteria for Datukship.

    Read here for details:

    It was a wise call for any “Tom, Dick and Harry” seems to be coming out with a “Datuk” title in front of their name (except for those truly qualified). What was the criteria for the Penang State Government to dish out the datukship this time around? Winning some medals?

    The question is who deserves the “Datukship” – what is the criteria the CM setting for Penang?

  4. I agree with joe, Lim Chong Wei so deserse the datukship, this is not only medal he has won. Datukships were confered to many undeserving others like space flight participant and as joe said, English Channel slow swimmer.

  5. Give him a Tan Sri and I wouldn’t mind. I don’t think he cares either. Beating Lin Dan in the next World Championship would be sweeter than any other title.

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