Dear Pete

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This has to be one notch up for Raja Petra….

Amidst the crazy world of politics, multiple legal suits and police reports against the man (not discounting the many along the corridor of power who is waiting to “get back” on man), Raja Petra still have the sense of humour – he starts the post with this:-

Is there something troubling you? Do you have problem you would like to discuss? Are you undecided about a certain matter and would like an opinion on what to do? Or do you just want to pour out your problems and share it with us. Then write to ‘Dear Pete’ and let us help you

Click to read more of this but one of my favourite has to be this:-

Dear Pete,

I am a 56-year old Malay businessman who is about to marry a 26-year old singer. I am considering going for Botox treatment to make my face look younger but was told that it is haram for Muslims. What is your advice?

Sugar Daddy

And “Dear Pete”’s reply – funny but straight to the point:-

Dear Sugar Daddy,

You can consider eating plenty of tempe because an ex-Chief Minister did just that and he now looks much younger. But I don’t know how much tempe you need to eat and for how long before you get to see the positive affects. One setback with eating too much tempe is that it will give you plenty of wind, so you will have to be very careful with crowded lifts.

Anyway, you should not worry too much whether Botox is haram or not considering that you are a businessman. Surely you indulge in haram activities everyday and Botox would be way at the bottom of the long list of harams.


How true – certainly a classic in the making!

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