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I was angry!

(Sometimes I am like this when I am angry. Image source:

I was angry this morning – not sure why. Perhaps it is due to Monday blues but I was not sure but I ready for a punch out this morning (ya, I was looking for trouble)

I was angry at the girl at the toll booth for collecting my money fraction seconds slower, I was angry at the idiots who cut into my lane without any warning, I was angry at the road hogger was slower than me and just do not want to move away, I was angry at the factory girls who were crossing the road slowly even though I was speeding and aiming “straight” at them, I was just too angry.

Some people are just too stupid, arrogant, clumsy and have no common sense. Sigh…

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2 thoughts on “I was angry!”

  1. I understand how you feel.
    Days like these do come.

    Just have to ride the day thru !!!

    Tomorrow will be better.

    When I am in this situation thinking why I have to suffer for other idiot’s actions. Then I think of my daughter’s smile and it all goes away.

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