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If MIC cannot solve this…

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Remember the teacher who said derogatory words against students and got away with it?

She was “rewarded” and everything seems to be swept under the carpet (as usual). But MIC kept up with the fight – man, they had to do otherwise there is no point they to be claiming to be championing the rights of the Indians, right?

Murugesan from MIC reported this in his blog:-

MIC Youth education bureau has begged to differ with the Education Ministry that the issue involving a teacher who hurled racial abuses against her Indian students has been resolved.

Bureau chief M Saravanan voiced his dissatisfaction that no stern action had been taken against the 35-year-old teacher despite numerous calls to do so from various quarters.

“Parents, MIC and NGOs are unhappy with this and want the ministry to take severe action against the teacher. Failure to do so will only cause more anger,” he told Malaysiakini yesterday.

If MIC, being one of the KEY component parties of BN and Samy Vellu a veteran “powerhouse” in the last Government, cannot resolve this issue, how else they expect to resolve other bigger issues such as temple issue, employment and living standards of Malaysian Indians in the country.

Certainly some things have to start small…

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