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Blogging 101: Improvements & Inspiration

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You would have noticed by now – there have been many minor but important changes to this blog.

I was inspired to make the changes by this post by Problogger. I had Problogger in my RSS Reader for some time now and despite the good tips and methods, I rarely read them. Perhaps political blogs in my RSS Reader were more attractive than others.

But that post caught my eye and somehow moved me to make the changes – which by the way were long overdue. These are the changes that I made over the last 2 weeks:-

Improved the “About Me” page

Improved the RSS links

Created a “What is a RSS” page

Moderated the comments (helped me to reduce a bulk of daily spam, a pain in the neck until now – as long as it is not spam, I will approve it)

Updated the links to my other blogs (which was before this was nothing but experiments)

Small changes indeed but it had a strange effect on me – somehow I was inspired to write more, not only for this blog but also for the other “experimental” blogs (my photo blog somehow got revived and it is moving but at a slower pace).

More improvements to come…

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