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One fine morning, somewhere in northern part of Malaysia…

My son: Appa (dad), it’s morning time – wake up

Me (still drowsy): Hmmm…I am awake

My son climbed down from the bed and slept besides me

My son: Appa, I can’t close my eyes

Me: Why?

My son: When I close my eyes, I see a monster

Me: Monster?

My son: The monster is in blue and brown colour and it is chasing me

My son: I don’t want to close my eyes, Appa

My son: There is no Superman or Ultraman to save me

Me: If you see the monster, call Appa – I will fight the monster

My son: Ok Appa

My son closed his eyes and slept

Me: Can you see the monster?

My son (with eyes still closed): No Appa – I think the monster is scared to come out now

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