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Morning Exercise

It’s simple and fast…

We have it once a day, first thing in the morning and before we start our work and we take turn which ensures everyone gets a chance. Even other departments have noticed this too.

We have morning talks. The “speaker” for the day can speak on any topics for 5 minutes and we been doing this for several months now and people are indeed creative and good story tellers. We even had a short yoga exercise and video presentation once.

And what is the point of this?

(Learning to speak the right things, the right way. Image source:

There are several if you ask me – it allows people to speak up, break the ice and throw their ideas in the open. Sometimes it put pressure on us to come up with a 5 minute “material” for the morning talk (especially when the “designated” speaker is missing or is on leave) but hey, isn’t life just so unpredictable and so does doing a quick “5 minutes” talk.

For me, it works the same like blogging…

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