Oh Really, Rais?

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Blogsphere is sure getting more interesting…

From Malaysia Today

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim Friday called for the creation of an internal council or mechanism to monitor bloggers. He said that in terms of law, the Sedition Act was sufficient but he was worried about enforcement which was not up to the mark and having such a council would help in enforcement.

He said that the arms of the law might not be long enough to reach bloggers outside the country but if the blogger was in the country, something could be done and it was all a question of will.

He told reporters this when asked to comment on a blog posting calling on the people to display their unhappiness with what is going on in the government by flying the national flag upside down.

He said that rather than resorting to such an act, it would be better for them to express their dissatisfaction through the proper channels like writing articles and to speak out on whom they disliked, what was wrong and what was inappropriate.

“Rather than bashing the flag, it’s better for them to take it out on the person concerned or the leaders that they don’t like,” he added.

Oh really? Interestingly when bloggers do “take it out on the person concerned or the leaders that they don’t like”, the bloggers has been deemed as spreading lies even if it is proven as correct later. Most of the time, bloggers are labeled menace. But since Rais have said it, oh well we bloggers will take note of this (and leave the innocent flag alone).

This is uptime that politicians have called for some kind of mechanism or control for bloggers whilst at the SAME time telling others to embrace this new media. Can’t they make up their mind? Controls of blogs have been proposed in the past but have been shot down as being not practical or going against freedom of the internet. Now Rais comes with another idea but with the same purpose – internal council.

Now with the word “control”, there is a tie up with another frequently used word – Sedition Act. The thing is whilst we have seen a couple of bloggers hauled up by the police under Sedition Act; I don’t recall any politicians hauled up under the same Act. There is plenty of evidence of them saying the wrong words at the wrong place and time. But all gets off scot-free.

Wake up Rais Yatim and do the right thing first!

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5 thoughts on “Oh Really, Rais?

  1. OOooo I commented for the same article on another blog.. And ahem I am just pasting it here LOL call me lazy or what.. 😉

    Brilliant!! Absolutely brilliant!!

    Firstly they do not have any rights to charge Penarik Beca, hell, they do not even have the right to arrest him. Simply because we are yet to have a law in relation to the usage of the net and blogs in particular.

    Secondly, please someone correct me if I am wrong here, but I was always in the impression that since WordPress and Blogger servers are based in US, Malaysian laws do not have have jurisdiction over these blogs? Its like an author who writes the draft first in Malaysia but the book eventually gets published in US?

    Ok technicalities aside, how on earth are they gonna monitor the thousands of Malaysian blogs? Its not like they can issue AP to people they like and don’t issue to people they don’t like. It only takes minutes to come up with a brand new blog. If they close one blogger down, at least 5 pops up in the next minute.

    Not to mention they actually have to read all the articles and screen for “defamatory” words. Well I wanna see them implement that internal council. I wanna see how on earth they wanna do this. Dumbasses.

    Like you mentioned Hindraf did send hundreds of letters. There were copies of these letters on their website http://www.policewatchmalaysia.com but yea that website is now down (and I have a feeling that the government has a hand in bringing down that website). Talk about freedom of speech eh?

    Anyway I just wished that one of those reporters would have asked him to clarify what he exactly meant by “proper channels”. Then it would go something like this:

    Rais: Oh Utusan ada, Star ada, NST ada, but can also come see DPM what, his house open 24/7. Oh boleh submit memorandum to PM also, but then maybe we will give free shower la, complimentary what..

    “”Rather than bashing the flag, it’s better for them to take it out on the person concerned or the leaders that they don’t like,” he added.”

    Erm so that then they can arrest us under ISA? But yea thanks for the permission minister, its not as if we are not doing it right now. Next time a blogger gets caught under ISA, we will just say
    “Oh but Rais Yatim said we can what..”

    Hmm coming to think of it, there was this comment on Malaysia-Today asking every police in the country to report their SRP/PMR results. I think that should apply to ministers as well. Freakin retards.

  2. Ugghh…they must have much better things to do. I mean what on earth would they be so intimidated about us such simple folks. Unless of course, the truth is something which they do not like too much…

    Cheers!!! 😀

  3. Sactyr – “Ok technicalities aside, how on earth are they gonna monitor the thousands of Malaysian blogs?” Haha, it is for that very reason, the past proposals for control has been shot down – it is near impossible – at least with the mentality that some politicians have

    Hyelbaine – The truth is out there but someone does not like it. Hence the talks of controls…

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