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The Silent Keris

(Why the keris is not being used to fight injustice?)

From Malaysiakini

Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein’s continued silence on the case of a teacher who fired a volley of racial insults at her Indian students has irked the Coalition of Malaysian Indian NGOs

No reaction from the Minister uh? Perhaps he is still investigating it.

Perhaps the Minister thought the Indians is blowing things out of proportion – maybe, after all it is just Indians. Perhaps he thought (as MIC did before the election) that all this protests by the Indians is mooted by Hindraf – the scapegoat whenever the Indians started to make noise.

Whatever the reason may be, once the Minister is silent about something that is this serious, more questions than answers is raised.

MIC claims to be the champion of the Indians but it is laughable that they can’t even get the Minister to act on the teacher who made derogatory statements against students.

Still want to be the BN’s partners?

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