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What’s wrong with Youtube?

There is a good video over at Youtube.

Your friends have seen it and they strongly recommend you to watch it too. You head over to Youtube, click on the URL and….you get this

This is the “normal” response you will get from Youtube these days. And no, I don’t have a google web accelerator – a cause noted to cause problems with Youtube videos.

At first I thought that the video is truly is no longer available. But then I tried to watch a video that I uploaded myself, clicked it to watch it and guess what? This video is no longer available! Damn!

In 2006, Youtube was bought over by Google and this is what baffles me – is Youtube is suffering from storage problem? Being under Google, there should not be any question about it. Surprisingly there is no such problem when watching Google Video.

So, what’s up Youtube?

It is not that I like Youtube that much but the fact that most of the political videos and other interesting videos are uploaded over Youtube, it is frustrating to find the message “it is no longer available”.

Try again several times later, the “not available” video is suddenly “available”. Hmmm….

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