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Where have you been, Pak Lah?

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It really shows when our dear Prime Minister has been “sleeping” on the issues:-

Throughout the one-hour journey, during which he switched trains, the Prime Minister noted the congestion, especially during the peak period, and spoke to his fellow passengers to get feedback.

Speaking to Bernama after disembarking at the Masjid Jamek LRT station, he said he was not satisfied and wanted immediate improvements to be made.

Whatever that the PM “discovered” in his journey above is actually old news for many of us. It is already 2008 and only now the PM realizes that the public transportation in the country is in a mess?

Where have you been all this while, bro? Sleeping? Overseas trips? The shit that hit the public transportation sector has been around for a long time now, long before he became the PM and nothing much has been done to improve it. It got worse when the PM announced the drastic fuel price hike and asked the public to change their lifestyle.

What “immediate improvements” that the PM wanted? It will be interesting to see – what the PM can do “immediately”, something he is unable to do for some years now. Perhaps, purchase more items from his son linked company – Scomi? That is a deal in the making.

Read this letter published in Malaysiakini sometime ago:-

So the five-time hike in petroleum prices over the last year on the pretext of improving public transportation is certainly benefiting some parties – your son’s Scomi Engineering, to be specific

And mind you that this was in 2006. 2 years down the line, the PM is still clueless and seems to be ready for another shot at improving the public transportation (which likely to cause the public funds millions, of course)

Certainly talk is cheap – as cheap as the talk of using the money saved from the fuel subsidies for the improvement of public transportation. We are yet to see the light of that one and yet, here we have the gung-ho PM who is not satisfied and wants the public transportation to be improved.

Dude, this is just the 1st day! Try taking public transportation 5 days a week?

Of course, there is another reason why Pak Lah is taking the public transport after years being the PM. 

A commentator over at Malaysia Today said:-

I think it is fair to say that Badawi wouldn’t have taken the LRT if not for impending by-election at Permatang Pauh. He’s been out of touch that only 4 years later he’s beginning to get in touch with the rakyat’s plight.

He may have expressed unhappiness this time but isn’t it just another “we will do” instead of “here’s the result” exposition that we are all getting used to now? Wasn’t it a few weeks ago after the fuel hike announcement that the problem will be fixed?

Instead of saying he’s unhappy and things need fixing, he would have done himself a favour by declaring steps that HAVE BEEN TAKEN or are already being IMPLEMENTED.

From my perspective, this is nothing more than a political stunt to safe UMNO in Permatang Pauh.

Why I have the same feeling?

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6 thoughts on “Where have you been, Pak Lah?”

  1. Yes. he has been dozing.There is NO security on duty at the LRT or Commuter stations even at KL Sentral to oversee on how commuters get on board. When I wanted to purchase a ticket to Hat Yai at KTMB KL Sentral the clerk told me all tickets were sold out.Why can’t that simple information be written on the whiteboard at the back for others to see.This is LAZYLAND NOT BOLEHLAND… The people are always the victims so to speak.

  2. That’s our sleeping PM, the transport problem has been around the past many years,if it takes our PM to take a ride on the trains to know the transport problem,then folks, we are in trouble, the country’s direction is heading nowhere with this tube-light as PM. All the Malaysians knows how bad is our transport system especially to those living in the Klang Valley.We have been going through the whole thing day in and day out.At least when the mini buses were around ,things were not so bad, now that the fuel price had been hike, the people are depending on the commuter train to move around and the service has been disappointing to speak.
    Well ,Paklah has 2 years ( does he) to get this all sorted out and running. Can we expect that at least from him?.

  3. Pak Lah is indeed a one-off wonder. Remember he made a surprise visit to the Immigration Dept before the 2004 GE and all the MSM made it into the Dawn of Enlightement. Nothing came out of it. Looks like the train trip will go the same way.
    I fully support the view that the Permatang Pauh byeelection, and in particular DSAI being the candidate made Pak Lah forgo his morning sleep.

  4. As Pegasus mentioned – I don’t recall things being that bad when the mini buses were around. True that they were safety hazard (and packed people like sardines was hell and sweaty) but at least they were around when we needed them and get us to our destinations fast.

  5. Too little too late as far as I’m concerned. I agree with you, try taking the public transport for a week before you can claim that you truly understand what we’re going through.

    Cheers!!! 😀

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