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Why we need another Government?


(The ruling government and oppositions – there is too many boycotts but not in the interest of the nation. Image source:

Here is one reason why we need a new Prime Minister and a whole new Government as well:-

The five Pakatan Rakyat state governments are outraged that the Youth and Sports Ministry excluded them from a recent high-powered Sukan Malaysia (Sukma) council meeting and are demanding an explanation from Youth and Sports Minister Ismail Sabri Abdul Yaakob over the matter.

(Source: Malaysiakini)

The Federal Government have just “ceased” to be the Government for all. It’s a sports related meeting for God sake. What? The Government do not want nurture sports development in Pakatan Rakyat controlled states?

There is a limit as to what and where politicians can be bias to oppositions but sports is not one of them. No wonder we are not a sports powerhouse for a long time now.

Perhaps instead of complaining about it, perhaps it is better for the Pakatan Rakyat controlled states to organise their own version of Sukma (the Sports Minister seems to be doing the same) – I am sure we can get enough participants.

But the thing is this – it will only divide Malaysians further. Which “Government of the people” wants such division?

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