Defence Ministry & ISA

Why now and what different it is going to make?

Pak Lah has been the Finance Minister since 2004 but it took him 4 years to know that he was not doing that well as a Finance Minister (he is also not doing well as Prime Minister). Now he wants to try his hands on the Defence Ministry – that should be interesting.… [Click to read the rest] “Defence Ministry & ISA”

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“Video” of the Year

(Basically we had enough of sweet talks. Image source:

Here is a trivia…

Question: What does the words – One Malaysia, Unity, Open Forum, Aspiration for the People, Real Issues, Need to be United, I Reject the Politics of Deceit, National Identity, Rukun Negara, Tolerance, Civil Liberties, Work for a Change, My Fellow Malaysians – has to do with a BN politician?

[Click to read the rest] ““Video” of the Year”No tags for this post.
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