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Politics 101: Ahmad Ismail Scoring for PR

(UMNO – the new masters of own goal scoring – Image source:

Ha, here comes another “con-man” in the name of “Bangsa & Agama” (Race & Religion)…

I am talking about Ahmad Ismail – the bugger who put his foot in his mouth when he made racial remarks against fellow Chinese Malaysians in this country in the last by-election and found himself in the centre of multiple police reports (for sedition) and attacks from the BN component parties (I really wondered what would happened if it has been the Indians instead of the Chinese).

And we all know the aftermath of that incident – the very arrogant Ahmad refused to apologise and maintained his stand, an obvious slap on the face for the PM & DPM who apologised earlier (and yes, remains un-touched by the police, ISA and even UMNO leaders).

And it seems it did not end there. The bugger did another press conference and things got stickier. The Star reported this:-

Gerakan should leave the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition because it has only created chaos among the component parties, Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail said.

Making the call during a press conference at Menara Umno yesterday, Ahmad said Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon should also be stripped of his post as the state Barisan chairman and the post should be given to the MCA.

Malaysian Insider has more:-

However, according to eye witnesses present at the press conference, some of Ahmad’s supporters shouted, “sudah lah (enough)” and “bunuh dia (kill her),” at one reporter from an English daily who insisted on asking one more question.

“Of course she got angry as she was just doing her job, and the supporters were trying to intimidate her,” said a reporter who was present at the press conference.

Why be angry against Gerakan when it is not them who uttered the racist words in the first place? Why can’t Ahmad be “man” enough to say that he was wrong (ya, use the usual excuse – “mis-quoted by the press” for save face) and he apologized? Why the very mention of the word “racist’ is narrowly construed as something that is only uttered when questioning the special rights of the Malay and not beyond that? Why anything said or done by UMNO is deemed as not racial but when the same is done by others, all hell break loose? Why the double standard? Ya, welcome to Malaysia, in case you have missed out.

It is clear case of sedition, a clear case of incitement of racial tension, a clear case of a party member “butt-fucking” his party leader, the PM. By long shot, perhaps someone is using this little distraction to divert the attentions from real problems and frustrate the September 16 event (ya, the 49 54 potential “frogs” are out of the country burning public funds in their little wasteful holiday in Taiwan – another “change your lifestyle” call by BN). But the thing is this – should we, fellow Malaysians be upset with this little cockroach politician?

Read Disquiet’s “Give Ahmad Ismail A Break, Will You” and you will agree to this observation:-

And, after all, if Ahmad Ismail feels the need to throw his weight behind the transformation of Malaysia by making the Barisan Nasional that much more unattractive, should he not be getting our praise and gratitude? Give the guy a break

The best thing is that not only this Ahmad guy is making Pakatan Rakyat more attractive, he is also helping to break up BN – today is Gerakan, tomorrow who knows – MCA, MIC and more? Way to go Ahmad!

(Sorry to hide the facts but Ahmad is not only an immigrant descendant but also one who thick skin enough to call others immigrants. Image source:

And when Ahmad called the Chinese Malaysians as “penumpang” (squatters), was he aware that he himself is a squatter? From Kuda Ranggi:-

Bagi Ahmad Ismail, dia juga datang dari keluarga pendatang dan menumpang hidup di negara ini. Ahmad Ismail tidak boleh menafikan hakikat bahawa datuk neneknya adalah pendatang dari India untuk menerokai penghidupan yang lebih baik dan selesa di bumi bertuah ini.

That’s right, folks – the bugger who been calling others as “squatters” is a squatter himself. His great parents came from India, same as mine (probably in the same boat too) but here’s something “Malaysia Truly Asia” truly stands out for – he is now a “Bumiputera” (son of the land) whilst I am still labelled as “squatters” (if going by Ahmad’s puny brain standards, of course).

To my fellow Malaysians (Malay, Non Malay, Muslims, Non Muslims), just ignore the racial barkings of such politicians – I am sure we are many times better & more rationale than these lowly creatures. In the meantime, Ahmad, keep lowering your standards and keep scoring for Pakatan Rakyat, it is a matter of time, you will be lost and forgotten once PR takes over Putrajaya.

Just remember, fellow Malaysians (irregardless of color, culture and religion) is not the enemy, is not the threat and certainly at global level, is not the competitor. Instead, it is the politicians who creates trouble and disharmony. The sad thing is they are still out there and is on the loose.

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4 thoughts on “Politics 101: Ahmad Ismail Scoring for PR”

  1. don’t be bother by this fucker Ahmad thingy. He’s ruining all the hard caver p work done by his bosses, and if it let unpunished, sure there wil b more and our Army chief already call for government to detail those making racial remarks. I just wonder what will this Bodoh PM and Najis do about this piece of shit!

  2. This fool Ahmad Ismail is not only scoring a double hattrick of own goals, he’s going around kicking his own team’s players in the shins, AND punching the referee as well.

    Man, it’s really good to have this player on the opposing team.

  3. Vin the kacau man – it will be interesting to see what Pak Lah will do with this guy today.

    Ghostline – Yup, hope to have BN scoring more own goals, it makes life much easier

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