Defence Ministry & ISA

Why now and what different it is going to make?

Pak Lah has been the Finance Minister since 2004 but it took him 4 years to know that he was not doing that well as a Finance Minister (he is also not doing well as Prime Minister). Now he wants to try his hands on the Defence Ministry – that should be interesting.

But then Anilnetto asked this question in his blog:-

But why is Abdullah taking over at Defence at this time?

Good question – certainly the heat of arrest under ISA has not died down.

Earlier, Pak Lah had labeled Anwar Ibrahim as a threat to the economy and national security (is Pak Lah hinting something?). Anwar has not made any drastic “move” on September 16 despite claiming having the sufficient numbers to form the next Government.

Now there has been news that another prominent blogger, Kickdefella has been arrested (under ISA? or under Sedition Act?) and there has not been much positive progress made on the release of Teresa Kok and Raja Petra.

Who’s next, now that Pak Lah handles the military now..

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