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Free RPK Now

(Image source: The People’s Parliament)

Talking about double standards…

As you aware by now, RPK has been whisked away under ISA and it was not surprising that it finally happened. RPK himself anticipated this in his post when he said:-

Today, I received many phone calls from concerned friends who told me that the government is considering detaining me under the Internal Security Act ‘very soon’. If that does happen, then this could probably be the last article I write, at least until 16 September 2008. So I too need Anwar to succeed. If not I will be in Kamunting for quite some time to come and you will not hear from me over the next couple of years.

And instead fighting RPK in the open court, instead providing strong arguments to counter what RPK been saying in his blog, what does this “double standard” Government do? They gagged RPK under ISA whilst allowing trouble makers like Ahmad Ismail and Khir Toyo to continue to roam freely (Ahmad even planning on nationwide road show, despite stripped of all party post and banned from the party for the next 3 years)

This is undemocratic, unjust and un-Islamic indeed! The Government has kept scoring “own goals” – enough lah, Pak Lah. Seriously it is time for you to take a long look at yourself in the mirror and ask “Have I been a good Prime Minister to all Malaysians?”

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10 thoughts on “Free RPK Now”

  1. Hey Mate..guess u mised whats up on yr site….and very understanding..
    we need big deal decisions…like are u with amno and shit…..what do u think

  2. Hmmm now I guess we know why the ban on Malaysia Today was lifted..

    This is what I wrote on Durai’s blog (

    Hmm bro this is just the starting.. A lot of the blogs I read today been muttering about an Ops Lalang II, so we can expect more ISA arrests. I just hope the other popular bloggers won’t be harmed as well i.e. Zorro, Haris Ibrahim, Din Merican etc.

    If a journalist can be arrested for reporting the actual words uttered by a politician, then how come that politician is not arrested? Anyone still remembers Shah Kirit? How come he is not arrested?

    To everyone else who is reading this blog, this is a reality check for all of us. Think about your future. Think what may happen to you or your kids in years to come. Its not about supporting and voting for the opposition anymore, its something beyond that. For a start, just go and visit the forums that Durai mentioned in the previous post. Just read what those forums say. This is not about politicians anymore, but its about simple people on the streets who harbors hatred to each other.

    I may sound unpatriotic here, but this is what I have to say: Study hard, save some money and get a diploma/degree in some uni/college and head to some other country. Yes I mean it. Patrotism aside, think about your future and your family’s. But once you’re abroad, help the rest who are still in Malaysia. This is all I have to say.

    Folks, love your country as much as it loves you.

  3. Isn’t the comments of Datuk Ahmad Ismail being taken a bit too seriously and blown out of proportion altogether? Aren’t the Chinese after all ‘squatters’ like most other recent migrant races to Malaysia are? Lets take the comment of Ahmad Ismail and place it in its true context before we get too precious about it all.

    The reaction to this comment by the mainly Chinese Malaysian citizens who are otherwise so vociferous in promoting a Singapore type republic in Malaysia is somewhat dare I say hypocritical.

    The statement itself by any definition and in any language is not racist. Perhaps factually incorrect but certainly not racist unlike Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s lunatic rantings and ravings which would have rendered him liable in any other civilized nation.

    Petra Kamaruddin had it coming to him and deserves to have the key thrown away now that he is locked up under the ISA. He is not even subtle in his comments that are defamatory and overtly racist, bigoted of the Malays and blasphemous of the prophet.

    His vilification of Malays as a race and of Islam as a religion in unsubstantiated ignorant and vile comments on his blogg is nothing of the caliber of Ahmad Ismail’s ‘squatter’ jibe. There are no comparisons to draw here however desperate Petra Kamaruddin’s pathetic defence of his actions may like it to be.

    Get out of under the ‘tempurong’ and take a good look at these precious lilly livered so called champions of free speech including the other two of Sin Chew Jit Poh and Theresa Kwok.

    Kwok, inspite of espousing her so called Catholic beliefs on her website is undemocratic and by her own admissions to being led by her religious values, non secular in her thoughts words and deeds.

    Clearly undemocratic and intolerant of other religions is she. Catholics after all believe that none other than baptised Catholics can go to heaven A fate worse than death. Unless of course in its attempt to woo back their failing numbers they have changed that doctrine again.

    Read the highly poiticised Malaysian Bar website. An outstanding example of bias and pathetic ignorance from a quarter which the nation expects a lot more tolerance and balance.

    Petra Kamaruddin and Kwok have no right to their freedoms when they continually excise from their respective blogs the contributions and expressions of those who even mildly and correctly take an opposing view not just to their poor grammar which in itself places them in a precarious position by the inference of what they convey in their poor grammar but also by censoring their views and responses on the highly offensive, controversial and divisive opinions of Kwok and Kamaruddin..

    It is time the country cleaned up. It is time those who abuse that little window of opportunity to free expression through unrelenting abuse like Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Kwok have done in the name of free speech, are taken to task and made an ugly example of.

    The beleif that together with freedoms comes responsibility appears to have escaped the mind of this moronic individual. Lets have debate and lets have freedom of expression. Lets also have some sense of responsibility where opposing views are tolerated and given an opportunity to be ventilated and controverted if necessary. Petra Kamaruddin and Theresa Kwok clearly do not agree with that and are intolerant of thse who take a contrarian view to their own narrow unsubstantiated often scurrilous and slanderous gossip.

    There could be no better time than now. If we cannot responsibly publish then in such an environment as Malaysia is and under such a politically volatile atmosphere we should perhaps exercise those draconian measures that we reserve for killers and drug peddlers. The impact of the irresponsible behaviour of Kwok and Kamaruddin could well be as destructive if not checked in time.

    Raja Petra Kamaruddin has not once submitted proof of his many far fetched allegations against members of parliament in his clear contempt of proceedings before courts. His allegations of criminal conduct directed at those whom he despises cannot find justification even by the standards of the president of the confused Malaysian Bar.

    It’s a pity and that she is now prepared to come out in defence of this man against what she terms a ‘draconian’ piece of legislation (ISA) when his criminal conduct in undermining the courts, individuals he hates and his general abuse of the media had gone unchecked by the Bar when it suited them.

    Yes yes indeed a person should under these circumstances be charged and be given the right to defend himself (subject of course to exceptions as is the case in any law). The threshold conditions for the exclusion have been met by the extreme nature of this particular offenders conduct and continuing conduct that draconian measures are needed.


    Ahmad Ismail made a statement that is in part correct in part incorrect. It is by no means racist. Racist by definition is;

    “The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others”.

    How on earth then can one extrapolate what Ahmad Ismail said in that controversial remark to re define that statement of his to either being racist or discriminatory or racially sensitive is beyond human logic. Such an assertion is not only objectionable but also questionable. Controversial maybe racial vilification definitely not.

    The arrest and detention of this group is one of the very few good judgement calls made by the Badawi government. Interestingly enough, a catalyst such as his statement serves to bring out of the wood work the real racists.

    The MCA a partner in the BN government remained deafeningly silent and went on a rampage of insults when the Hindraf demonstrators who were merely attempting to petition the British government in KL were attacked by the Badawi government.

    The so called race sensitive Chinese community were silent. It was after all the Indians they ran to during May 13 in 1969 calling them “Brothers” then when it was convenient but turn on them when the going got good again.

    The MCA came out in favour of Badawi’s actions. Not racist?? In fact we now know that elements of the MCA and Chinese business community were instrumental in provoking the high handed Badawi response against Hindraf. Badawi did not act of his own accord.

    It was Chinese reporters mainly and editors of the press that were vitriolic in their condemnation of Hindraf claiming they were creating disharmony. Okay lets say there was an element of truth in their comments so how does that differ from the statements of Theresa Kwok and the Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter detained for racial vilification, incitement to hatred and unprovoked unsubstantiated comments?

    Theresa Kwok has on record like Malaysia Kini and Jeff Ooi relentlessly barred me and many others who have not taken their line or blindly agreed with their nonsense. How does that translate into democracy or free speech? Jeff Ooi should be the next in line for arrest and detention. Then Steven Gan and all his groupies.

    This is an attempt to take over Malaysia like the Chinese communists did in the 1950’s in the name of anti colonialism. Their targets were the same. The Malays. Their subversion tactics to undermine racial harmony through communalism is the same as described in Lee Kuan Yews memoirs of the activities and methods Chinese chauvinists in the 1960’s. Today the worship of everything Chinese emboldened by China’s rise as an economic and military power in the region makes this behaviour all the more dangerous.

    They call for closer ties. They invest Malaysian money into China’s booming economy and we keep quiet. China has not changed its communist spots. What must we do? Submit? No!!!

    Indian Malaysians should uphold the rights of Malays under this shallow veneer of Chinese sensitivity crying foul only when they feel injured and isn’t that all the time? Their voice is the leadership of a neighbouring government who to this very day instigates the troubles of the region by conveniently allowing themselves to be a parking lot for foreign intelligence agencies, banking opium warlords like Lo Sin Han (SBS TV Helen Vatsikopolous) and selling arms to the Tamil Tigers and other guerilla groups out of the inventories of their arms Industries.

    That’s who speaks for the Chinese with the occasional public comment from that state by its leaders who would not in a fit allow dissenters there to make any comment however slight that would be without a heavy penalty of bankrupting them then banishing them.

    The Chinese who run Ah Longs bribe police and politicians who they later sell out must learn that they are Malaysians first and that not everyone is a gui. They must also learn that by engaging non tariff barriers against Malays and Indians (the latter who they pay lower than any other races in Malaysia in their employ) through the use of pork in restaurants must understand that sometimes others have to bend to accommodate them too.

    All the Chinese have to do is to look around them and to ask the question, would it be better than the Malays engage in the same sort of nationalization the Thais, Myanmarese, Indonesians, Phillipinoes and Viet Namese and Cambodians have employed in their countries? Change all names into local names. Banish vernacular schools, prohibit the public display of Chinese cultural icons and symbols including Chinese characters on shop fronts. What further accommodation do the Chinese want to stop vilifying the Malays and Indians in the region?

    Malaysia kini and Jeff Ooi are examples of the deception of these people parading like ‘democrats’. We make you rich if you shut up and tolerate our superiority over you. Jail you if you complain or dissent. Not publish your comments if you take an opposing view.

    Their mantra is not “there is no god but god and the prophet was his last prophet”. It is instead “there is no god but money, and money was his only prophet’.

    Those right thinking Chinese should now stand up and rid their community of these chauvinists. It is easy to play the role of the persecuted martyr and ‘minority’. Its not so credible though when the entire region is boiling over from the avarice and organized racial chauvinism of the overseas Chinese seeking only to feather their nests at the expense of other races including that of their hosts.

    No sir Leave Ahmad Ismail alone. The self promoting narcissistic Theresa Kwok needs detention. She serves no one but her lord as her blogg would indicate. She takes the Catholic point of view. She serves the Vatican and not Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and others who constitute a big part of the Malaysian national identity.

    She too had carried scurrilous unsubstantiated vilification of Muslims and Malays in her blog especially over the conversion of the Malay girl to Catholicism. That’s racism. That was promoting hatred and religious bigotry. There two sides to that story and she chose to carry one.

  4. Gopal Raj Kumar aka Advocate

    I did not believe that you would after all have the courage to either freely challenge the contents and the facts of my posting or to publish it. Thats the fatal flaw in the campaign for ‘freedom’ of the likes of you, Petra Kamaruddin, Malaysia kini, Theresa Kwok, Elizabeth Wong and Anwar. You are as hypocritical, biased, undemocratic as those you accuse of being that. Pity you cannot see it. We waited for the 24 hour period to pass and we have noted your unilateral censorship without the opportunity to us to be heard.

    Elizabeth Wong will be next under arrest.

  5. Well Gopal Raj, I will reply to your comments – it is interesting though. The reason why your comment not approved earlier was because we have a policy not to blog (or admin it) on the weekends – sometimes facing the laptop for too long is not good for the health (thus comments being moderated). But none the less, it has been approved.

  6. Gopal Raj Kumar aka Advocate

    I withdraw that last comment of mine about not posting now that you have posted the comment. I stand corrected and apologise.

  7. Gopal Raj Kumar aka Advocate

    Are you addressing me?.

    The flow is not designed to be conventional. It seeks to deal with the overall argument that is current and topical in Malaysia. That topic is perhaps best described in the cliched stock phrases of the opposition there. “democracy” “Freedom of expression”, “Censorship” and others which have since lost their meaning through conceptual distortions and confusion. It requires a little to understand much of whats being said. An analysis will reveal a simple response to all of the claims being made by a mainly disgruntled and impatient opposition in Malaysia. its more of a style of expression rather than the sloganeering you otherwise get.

  8. Gopal Raj Kumar aka Advocate

    It may be interesting to note that Singapore in the face of all thats happening has decided to release 5 Malays detained as terrorists under their ISA today.

    Their mentor minister Lee Kuan Yew under pressure was admittted to hospital during the course of the night. He is reported to have said to an Australian ABC journalist, that he did not expect the Malays of Singapore to show signs of their desire to re join the federation a matter that was revealed to him by Singapore Intelligence.

    It is not only the Malays in Malaysia that want to reclaim all thats theirs. The poodle hand outs in Singapore are stale and the Malays need only march once for Singapore’s economy to crumble. They are awar of it. There is no cmoradarie with the DAP and the rest. It is now each to his own.

  9. Gopal Raj – it was easy to lose track of the flow but I think I manage to get the gist of the issue (read my post on it). Singapore is another country that has ISA but for the time being, let’s concentrate on the ISA on our home ground.

  10. Gopal Raj Kumar aka Advocate

    You cannot see whats happening in Malaysia as if it were in a vacuum. The majority of Chinese businesses in Malaysia have extensive ties in Singapore. The influence of Singapore on matters within the region is undeniably caustic and overwhelming. it has been the base for many a struggle within the region from protecting Suharto to overthrowing him when the need arose.

    Singapore’s fortunes are intextricably tied to those of Malaysias. Its genesis is in Malaysia both politically and historically. Its legislation and its struggles with left overs of imperial legislation reflect Malaysia’s own struggle with that hang over of history. Its lack of difficulty in achieving this is due to the generic nature of its population.

    Theresa Kok is literally ruled by the Archdiocese of Singapore and her directives are from the ideological despots of the RC chruch in that city so placed to look after all of south east Asia. The vatican is a soverieng state and an empire all of its own. She cannot serve two masters. Her loyalty is not to Malaysia but to her God!! Thats the duty of every practsing Catholic. it may look benign on the outside but multiply that with all religioons in Malaysia and you will understand the folly of arguing with Malay domination.

    So lets not leave Singapore out of the equation but make sure its veneer of the respectability of being a separate state is peeled off for all to see. Except of course those who will not see.

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