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Interesting flowers

Let’s divert things for a second….

I still remember an episode from the cartoon Smurf where Smurfette will fall for a blue rose (created by an evil witch). If you think about it, there is no blue rose – simply because roses do not bloom in blue (perhaps in future, things will change)

Interesting colours have captivated me, more so if it is a flower with unbelievable colours (I said unbelievable because naturally the flower does not bloom in the particular colour). When my brother got married recently and I had to make a visit to the flower shop, I came across new variety of colours (not natural though, I understand that the florists used dyes for the colours)

An example is this:-

(Click here for higher resolution)

There is no pink flower in the wild and it gets more interesting when more colours are added to the white variant of the flower. The result is this:-

Will a natural blue rose be next?

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