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It’s all in the taste?

(Some dog foods are of far better quality than the food we eat these days. Image source:

Contrast this:-

A Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department is shocked to learn that only RM4.50 per day is allocated for food to each detainee in the lock-up.

With this:-

Another ex-detainee, Inter¬national Move¬ment for a Just World (JUST) chair¬man Dr Chan¬dra Muzaf¬far, said he was given normal food just like what he would have had at home during his 52-day detention.

Teresa Kok did clarify that she did not mean that dog food was served to her but rather she was served food which was slightly better than dog food. But certainly RM4.50 per day for a meal goes no where these days. Even a simple breakfast cost me RM4.00, what more when you are talking about a “60 cents” breakfast.

I wonder what was the cost back then when Chandra had his “just like what he would have had at home” food. Certainly things can improve.

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