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Personally, prayers?

(One before I am away on a long leave)

(Pak Lah unique ways of “praying” and getting the job done – Image source:

Personally, I doubt Pak Lah knows what he is doing (I thought he has done “warming up”)…

Couple days ago, Pak Lah said that he will “personally see to it that Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail does not repeat his remarks about the Chinese community”

Today he said that he “will personally inspect the progress of various development projects planned by the Government under Budget 2009”

The PM seems to be having too much free time on his hands – so much so he will personally do plenty of things. And weird things do not stop there.

Now, he is asking Malaysians to pray for a lower fuel price.

A smart Prime Minister will say this:-

Ok look here, there is nothing we can do about the world fuel price. Screw them!

But here is what we are doing to do and we are going to do this once and right – we are going to slash on unnecessary expenses, catch the corrupt and the wasteful bastards and hung them by the street as a lesson to others (hmm, ok maybe not, not hung them but perhaps cut off their hands, maybe), we are going to stop the fuel subsidy (ya, I know it is going to hurt but…), take away the toll plazas, improve on quality, service and speed and bring down the cost of goods and services, go aggressive on public transport, alternative fuels and better cars, create more jobs and then the people will have enough financial buffer to keep going despite the high fuel price.

Not so smart one will say this:-

Let’s pray for lower fuel price – I hope God listen to our prayers and whisper the same to the international fuel traders

I rest my case…

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3 thoughts on “Personally, prayers?”

  1. Hyelbaine – I rested mine a long time ago too but this PM never fail to amaze me with his brand of “living in a cocoon” mentality

    Sactyr – No wonder Mahathir been up arms with this guy, ha ha

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