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RPK & Alizee

(Cool songs antidote for depressing days. Singer Alizee – image source:

It does not look too good…

Raja Petra been sent to Kamunting for 2 years (ya, this time the Baldy was “man” enough to admit it), the circus is still much in power (with Sleepy still in the pilot’s seat), Anwar delayed his deadline (until when, no one is sure but the longer he delays, the more he loses the momentum), the fuel remains high (when the international is going down) and good days are yet to be seen. Ya, life sucks. It sucks even more when one looks at the political mess and how it is affecting the daily life of ordinary Malaysians (perhaps I imagining too much here).

On “rainy” day like this, one just need to ignore it and turn to listen a good song or read an interesting books (fantasy books are preferred, of course).

Currently I am hooked to Alizee’s J`en Ai Marre, hopefully Anwar makes his move fast and get RPK and others out from ISA detention and lead Malaysia to better days:-


In the meantime, life goes one…

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