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Samy & RM50 million?

(Image source: Malaysia Today)

When I first read about this, my initial thoughts was “Is it just a tip of the iceberg?”

Ya, I know the answer to that but still…let’s give the benefit of the doubt, shall we? And if some good people had not done their work uncovering this, this little “administrative error” would have remained unhidden.

Then again, with Samy & MIC in the picture, such revelation seems nothing spectacular – especially when it is now been admitted that an error has been committed. After all, MIC has really not explained the fiasco on the Maika shares, what more on this. And the “administrative error” admission by MIC’s secretary-general is simply laughable. Perhaps it is high time for MIC to start sacking people who make such mistakes to avoid the same thing to happen in the future.

And while we are on the issue of Indians, here’s a time bomb just waiting to explode:-

ALL Hindu temples on government land situated in commercial zones in the Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020 would not be demolished, Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said

20 years down the line, when YB Saravanan have left the limelight, living happily ever after and when many things & promises have been conveniently forgotten, this is what is going to happen – some developer is going to come along and decide that they want to develop the piece of prime commercial land where the temple resides on.

Then as if we are ported back in history, there is going to be another cycle of local authorities demolishing the temples or providing unviable alternative site, Indians protesting (perhaps under Hindraf II) and cries of unfairness & injustice heard once again in this land.

Why can’t the Government just change the status of the land where these temples residing on to avoid future complications? Why wait and live on mere promises & changeable regulations?

More “administrative errors” from MIC?

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