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Stop the bull-shitting

(We changed the Government because we had enough of the bull-shitting from the old Government. Image source:

What the…!

From Malaysiakini:-

Selangor PKR leader S Manikavasagam will not relinquish his post as the party’s state liaison deputy chief, said his political secretary M Shanmugam today. “Manikavasagam will retain his post as PKR deputy liaison chief for Selangor following the suspension of the person behind the demolition,” said Shanmugam (his political secretary)

Why I had a feeling that this going to happen? To tell you the truth, I am getting worry on the “quality” of MPs that we elected in the last election.

This MP who quit his state liaison deputy chief post has now made a big U-TURN and decides to stay. Why? Because his demands has been “met”. Are we going to sit around and accept such bull-shits from PR MPs in the future? Instead of resolving them, we are going to get idiots threatening to quit and create anxiety everytime an issue crops up until their “demands” are met.

In case Manikavasagam had forgotten, this is known as “blackmailing” and we have no time or the patience to be dealing with black-mailers.

Once you have quit, you remain the same. There are others willing to take your place. Admit that you too failed to act and stop blaming others. By making the U-Turn, you are no different with the MIC fellows that you criticised so much during your pre election campaigns

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays…

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