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Music 101: The CD Master At Home

(The “CD Master” taking a dip in the pool)

One good sign of my son growing up – he gets to choose what song being played out on the car’s CD player.

When we are in the car, he sits at the back, my wife sits in the front (this is going to change soon) but he always make sure that the CD bag is placed at the back for him to choose the CD. Immediately after I had started the car, a small hand will stretch out from the back, handing over a CD.

And if we failed to notice this or failed to put the CD into the player, we are going to get “scolding” from the big boss at the back, so we usually adhere to this with it without much delay.

There is no preference on the kind of CD that my son likes – it can be an oldie from the 50’s & 60’s or the latest from AR Rahman and others.

My son judges the CD by its cover, period!

And the thing is, he will listen to every song in the CD – if we are bored and had pressed the “next” button, please do expect another round of “scolding” with his trademark statement “Hey, I was listening to that” – it only stops when we had pressed the “previous” to bring back the song that we skipped.

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