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The Joke on the Ban

(Who is the real joker now? Image source:

Ya, the Cabinet “instructed” MCMC to lift the ban on Malaysia Today..

But it happened after the earlier ban made the Government and MCMC a laughing stock. They ended up looking like a fool because the “ban” made almost no impact on RPK and his hard-hitting posts (mirror sites were up before anyone in the Goernment / MCMC could say S-H-I-T!). A fool because the Government rescinded its promise on the Bill of Guarantee when no censorship of the internet is guaranteed.

Will anyone trust these people again? Meantime, RPK rides on

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2 thoughts on “The Joke on the Ban”

  1. So I guess it can easily deduced that MCMC was earlier “instructed” by the cabinet to block Malaysia Today website, even though all of them were falling over each other trying to prove they didn’t have anything to do with the block.

    Hmm, irony.

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