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The Mis-informed Shabery

(You know what you talking or not, Shabery? Image source:

Sad but true – despite the wealth of information that is made available, some idiots are still looking at the wrong direction…

From theStar:-

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek has called on the people to maintain racial unity.

He said the Barisan Nasional government had helped to forge unity among the people over the last 51 years since independence was gained and that the people should play a similar role (ya, right!).

Fuck you lah Shabery – talk is cheap. The people are not stupid lah and they have always maintained racial unity but the buggers from your own political party (ok lah, call them “BN” to hide the sorry state of the political party) are the one who been going around uttering racist and untrue stories.

Don’t waste your time with us lah – instead better you call the trouble makers from your party and kick them out for treason against unity and good understanding between Malaysians.

We thought you would have wised up since the last fuel debate but sadly you have not…

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