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Who I am going to kill?

(The “softest” response to the idiots on the road. Image source:

I wrote and talked about this more than once (here, here, here and I am sure many more in future)…

I was “cruising” in the middle of the 3 lane highway along LDP last night. I was tired and just wanted to reach home for dinner and a good sleep. In front and on my left (the slow lane), I noticed a car and right at the back of the car, a motorcyclist with a pillion rider. On my right, 3 fast cars (so no place for me to cut in here) and right in front of me, on the middle lane, almost empty.

Just when I was about to pass the motorcyclist on my left, the motorcyclist suddenly cut into my lane – no warning whatsoever, no indications, hell he did not even looked to his right. The fucker just moved to the right, oblivious to the traffic.

Now at this moment, my mind is telling me – just ram this bloody idiot  – you will get away with it but my foot “unknowingly” slammed on the brakes. I missed the idiot by inches. Damn, I need to train my foot to listen to my mind more often. I “horn-ed” the motorcyclist but all I got was an angry look from this idiot – the “you don’t fuck with me” look.

Looking at the way this idiot responded to my warning, the more I regret not knocking this idiot down. Perhaps he would be better off crippled for rest of his life, hooked to some life supporting system and be off the roads – for the safety of the rest of the motorist.

What pissed me off even more is that this idiot did not give a damn to the  safety of his pillion rider. He put this person in danger with his reckless riding. And if he is to lose his life or limbs, that’s fair (very fair) but why pull another into the same sack?

I don’t know when and how I am doing to die but almost certainly, I have a feeling that I am going to kill a stupid, reckless motorcyclist one of these days. I just have a strong feeling about it.

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