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A Good Question but…

MCA asks:-

“The pertinent question to be asked now is: have these people (lower rung of society) ever benefited from the NEP in the past three decades?

Will we get a truthful answer? Or lies as usual (whilst the corrupt and rich continues to abuse the “Never Ending Policy” to make more money and consolidate more power)?

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5 thoughts on “A Good Question but…”

  1. the next question is, how long will MCA continue to ask these types of questions to its Big Brother? Is it merely coz there is a new head honcho, and they wanna prove smtng in this short period?

    And then comes the next BIG BIG BIG question… Will MIC grow a spine to ask more questions and demand more answers?

  2. With UMNO helping MIC by banning Hindraf, the least MIC would do is to keep quiet on NEP, equality and Malaysia for Malaysian….oh sorry, they been keeping quiet even before that!

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