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Bad, Bad Bunny

(Doesn’t this look all too familiar? Image source:

Is this just a tip of the iceberg?

From theStar:-

Samples of White Rabbit Creamy Candy have been found to contain more than 50 times the allowed level of melamine.

Tests on Ego White Rabbit Creamy Candy samples showed that the content of melamine was 135 parts per million (ppm). The level permitted by the Health Ministry for adults is only 2.5 ppm.

Now, this got me thinking – this “highly toxic” candy has been around for a long time. I recall having White Rabbit Creamy Candy when I was still in my primary school. So, what the fuck the authorities been doing all this while? Why the “intoxication” been gone undetected all this while?

I hate to admit this but there is a strong feeling that somebody must have been sleeping and if not for the authorities in OTHER countries identifying this candy as containing high level of melamine, would the “someone” have continued sleeping?

Well, I could be wrong here (probably the toxic was introduced only recently and the authorities have been actively  monitoring the foodstuff imported) but certainly the latest revelation does not make me feeling any safe. Damn, I have been enjoying the candy for years now.

The question is what else is lurking undetected?

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