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Goodbye Pak Lah!

(Image seen in Noktah Hitam)

About time though…

From Malaysiakini:-

Abdullah said that he wanted to hand over to his successor a Malaysia that was capable of weathering the challenges of a dangerous global economy

A Malaysia that was capable of weathering the challenges of global economy, you say? The fact is Malaysia got only worse under your leadership and thanks to the last general election; your departure for good was quicken. Otherwise the country will still be running on auto-pilot (more overseas trips of course), wastage of public funds will remain high, your band of politicians will remain arrogant and KJ and his 4th Floor boys would have still take Malaysians for a ride.

And only now, Pak Lah is having some bright ideas. From theStar:-

He also outlined several initiatives he wanted to see implemented before he leaves. These will be tabled in Parliament by the end of the year, he said. They involve his on-going (big words here!) commitment to reforming the judiciary; an anti-corruption Bill to give more clout to combat corruption; and the special complaints commission to revamp the police force.

It’s kind of too late don’t you think, Pak Lah? You had almost 5 years to do all that but you chose to sleep on the job despite many reminding you on what you need to do. You continued to live in a dreamland – the tsunami in the last general election woke you a bit but you continued to be in denial and we believe you still are. It’s obvious that you are resigning not because of Malaysia but you are resigning because of your political party.

Pak Lah, you have simply failed to act as a Prime Minister, period. So, thanks but no thanks, we don’t need your departing speech – we had enough of the lies and the blatant use of force against fellow Malaysians.

The earlier you go the better for all of us and Anwar, we are still waiting for your move, we dread the start of another dark age under Najib.

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