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If apologised, all settled?

(Bad English! Image source:

Is it?

The blogger apologised but here is best part, she said:-

“It was merely out of anger so I did not construct my sentences properly. Maybe it was my bad English”

Bad English? Perhaps she needs to read that with this. Is “Bad English” the same with “The Press Misquoted Me”?

If only things were so simple…

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7 thoughts on “If apologised, all settled?”

  1. The Sammy issue, still very fresh, is coming to a natural end, the writer apologising. She would think twice before commenting on any race, she is part of the race thing – you don’t throw stones living in a glass house.

    But the link you provided for the Astro conversation – a 20 minute torture, is something shocking, annoying and most of all makes me to re-think how certain Tamil Indian ladies react on the phone, like that as experienced by Jeeva.

    Knowing Tamil girls, after listening to the conversation, I wonder whether I can use the word know; I have read about Tamil girls chasing away the tiger with a simple “muram”, Kanagi burning Mathurai because of injustice to her husband, but this mother and daughter combination, belittles everything. They are a class to themselves.

  2. R V David – Long time have not hear from you. I remembered about the Astro Customer Service conversation when I was reading “bad English”.

    The lady on the phone said “your spoken English is also bad” (Siva should have replied “your manners is also bad”. Just a small twist in the “manner” the language is used and sometimes all hell break loose. Ha ha ha

    Sammy – true, apology is means something. Just hope “English is better” the next time around. Cheers!

  3. wher is ISA now? tangkap tue sammy masuk lokap tanpa bicara & give her 2 eggs & cucumber daily la….diff ppl diff rules mehh ??? this is national security threatin issue..WE WANT ISA ON SAMMMY!!!!!!! so the next time she type,she knows how to use brain & emo,2 difff things.sammy or samy velu.all same.

  4. Popu – an eye for an eye makes the world goes blind. She made a mistake and she apologised. Let it be so – we hope the same mistake is not repeated. And the last thing we want to use is ISA – this “past due” law has been misused for so many times, we only want to see the death of it, not the use of it.

  5. on d other hand…wer’s dato samyvelu to defend us? y he never make any complain on tis or instruct to take action on her ? he is so called leader n representive of msian indian community ,is he sleepin too as usual after a large banana leaf meal?? if tis happen on an indian blogger whom writes bad on chinese or malay,will indian blogger’s apologise will b accepeted by public easily??? sammy even challenged msian indians to sue her…like is so BIG ass.. lets compare on recent penang chinese immigrant issue..all chinese was stood up against tad idiot mp…but wer’s our re-branding MIC or shaila nair to defend us with her hottie juicy vidoes????…sorry i hav so many question messin my head….sum 1 pass me tigerbalm 😛

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