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We Khan believe it too!

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Who is this guy and what he has done to deserve Datukship? He is a great entertainer, no doubt about that but what he has done for the benefit of the State? All he did was one movie shot in the state 7 years ago and the Chief Minister is now eager to grant him State titles?

When a “Datukship” means nothing these days, what would be the next course of action? Create a “Premium Datukship”?

There are people who are more than deserving to be confered State titles such as Datukship but then again, looking at the way these titles are being dished out to any Tom, Dick and Harry, giving Datukship to those really qualified will be an insult.

Will a more clear-minded State ruler curtail such stupidity when it comes to conferring State titles? It is really starting to be a laughing stock to the rest of us here. With stupid politicians in the pictures (each wanting to score cheap PR points), it gets even worse and down-right insulting.

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2 thoughts on “We Khan believe it too!”

  1. perhaps next datuk for Ajithkumar for “billa’ ,shot in of msia?? like tis our gov need allocate more datuk titles for international artiste frm HK,Taiwan,India,Indon..etc…

    p/s: taukeh tue mcm 3gp porn local artis buleh dpt datuk also laaa….puttin us on map of d world…kekekekee…

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