Beer Ban? Please No!

(One of the greatest invention of man. Image source:

Let me start with a short paragraph from an article titled “Top 10 Beer Producing Nations”:-

Beer might very well be one of the greatest inventions (I like this one a lot!).

As ubiquitous as beer is throughout the nations of the world, it may be the only beverage that’s ingrained in our DNA. Historically, beer has the prestige of being one of the earliest recorded recipes, dating back to Mesopotamia’s Kingdom of Ur (2050 BC).

The elixir-like qualities of beer even kept throngs of peasants alive when water wasn’t so potable. The creation of beer through the combination of four simple ingredients (water, grain, barley, and hops) is as remarkable in its simplicity as it is in its complexity and variety.

Frankly speaking, I love beers and what a great way to spend a great time if not with friends with a beer mug on one hand. So when I read this in theStar, I was left wondering what these guys were trying to achieve with a blanket ban on beers. Don’t they have much more important things to do? Read an interesting piece from RPK here.

Drinking alcohol is prohibited for the Muslims and this has been the case for a long time. That is fine with us but the idea of banning outright the sale of alcohol may prevent some Muslims from obtaining alcohol but at the same time, it is denying the right for the beer drinking Non Muslims.

Thankfully the Menteri Besar saw a better way to deal with this situation when he said:-

“The state executive council meeting today (on Wednesday) decided that we will instead increase enforcement to ensure that these outlets do not sell alcoholic beverages to Muslims and those below the allowed age,” he said after chairing the state executive council meeting.

That’s right – enforcement is a better option than an outright ban. That way, the sale of alcohol to prohibited persons can be curtailed whilst leaving the rest to enjoy their pint of beer.

Besides, a mug of beer is still healthier than a mug of strong coffee.

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9 thoughts on “Beer Ban? Please No!

  1. Good thinking! Have a regulated system to protect beers from minors.

    However that does not forbid retailers to sell to anyone. What matters most to them is profit.

    Oh well, maybe we (muslim) just have to teach our kids to stay away from alco.

  2. Kavi – thankfully need not execute Plan B – KL is just nearby. No shortages of beer there. Either that or need to visit certain plantations in Banting for fresh coconut “drink”.

    Noktah Hitam – Yes, better enforcement is the key here. Selective ban is much better than a blanket ban.

    Hyelbaine – haha, true my friend – Alex, me and many more. With the coldness of the room here, need something warms us up.

  3. the sad case is , they always forget to tackle the real problem, still trying to play the religion card. The real problem now snatch thief going on rampage, so many people got hurt, and yet…. not much thing is done….sad

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