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Disadvantaged Malay Muslim

An interesting letter in Malaysiakini:-

Malaysian society has become a backward society. Instead of progressing, we have digressed tremendously. We have become a country of people afraid to have ideas, afraid to explore possibilities, afraid to look beyond the obvious, afraid to offend, afraid to have friends of all races, in summary…afraid to live.

Gone are the days when we as kids had sleep-overs at our friends’ houses regardless of race and of course, waiting by the dining table for Auntie to cook her famous chicken vindaloo and another Auntie to cook her famous char koay teow. Our parents then never bothered to ask if the chicken was halal or the koay teow was bought from a Muslim vendor.

But let’s not digress. Back to my main point. Being a Malay Muslim is fast becoming a complete disadvantage in Malaysia.

Read further – we may have been missing the forest for the trees all this while

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