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Hero of the Year

(My pick for the hero of the year – image source: Reader Digest)

When our own hero is in dire need of help, America is voting for its hero. Click for details.

My favourite:-

Cody Phillips never paid attention to the dogs next door. But the Saturday afternoon something about the noise was different. When they went to investigate, they were horrified to see a pit bull and a Shar-Pei mauling a four-year-old neighborhood boy named Zackery Miller.

Without thinking twice, Cody, a five-nine former football player, vaulted the chain-link fence and charged the snarling dogs. Momentarily startled, they let go but soon circled around for another attack. The high school junior threw himself on top of the bleeding boy and covered him with his body.

By now, Cody’s stepdad had heard the cries and howls and grabbed a board. He fended off the dogs until the boys could escape

Read all the stories – all of which inspiring and just shows how ordinary people rise up to the occasion and make wonders.

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