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Pretty Busy in Sri Lanka

First read these reports:-

One from Malaysiakini:-

Hundreds of MIC Youth members, party supporters and NGO representatives were bussed in from all over the country for the protest.

(What’s with the orange T-shirts? Die-hard Holland supporters?  By the way, where is the FRU? Do they have permit to hold this gathering? Image source: S Murugesan’s Blog)

Another from S Murugesan’s Blog:-

BN Youth together with Youth NGOs have gathered peacefully at the Sri Lankan Embassy this afternoon to hand over a Memorandum of Protest to His Excellency the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, Kuala Lumpur.

This is the second time we are gathered here to present the memorandum. We were here with a smaller crowd on the 5th of November, 2008 but the Sri Lankan Embassy only permitted representatives from MIC to present the Memorandum. NGO representatives were not allowed. We found the condition unacceptable and vowed to return with a bigger crowd. This is what we have done today.

Wait, wait….before anyone says anything, now read these reports (reported sometime ago):-

One from Javno:-

Malaysia has told India not to meddle in its internal affairs after New Delhi expressed concerns over the treatment of ethnic Indians in Muslim-majority Malaysia. Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar (this name sounds familiar) said the government would deal with citizens according to its own laws and no other country should interfere, the Star newspaper reported on Saturday

And another from the Indian:-

Foreign Minister Dr. Rais Yatim has asked the United States to stay out of Malaysia’s internal affairs, reminding Washington to refrain from commenting on how the country handles its legal affairs

And another from TheStar:-

Malaysia will maintain its stand of non-interference regarding the violence in southern Thailand, as it was a domestic affair.

Hey the issues may be real but if one thinks about it (ahem, deeply) and using the same Malaysian politicians crooked logic, the Sri Lanka Government can effectively ask MIC and its “kuncu-kuncu” to FUCK OFF and stop meddling in its affairs, right?

Malaysia has done that before, so why not others?

P.s. Where were the peaceful protestors in the last BERSIH rally?

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1 thought on “Pretty Busy in Sri Lanka”

  1. Don’t the Indians here have problems of their own. Why bother about other country ?
    MIC/BN youth should just rollover and die.
    Shameless pricks. Can’t handle own country issue but look into other issues….

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