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What! Reduced by 20 cents?

(Image source: Masak-Masak Blog)

It’s a surprise but the price of the thosai at a restaurant near the workplace has indeed reduced by 20 cents. What surprised me what not the amount that they reduced but the fact that they actually took the trouble to reduce the price.

The bloody restaurant has been milking unreasonable profit for several months (since the last fuel hike) now and it is the last place I expect a reduction in the price of food (the price of a teh-o still remains unchanged).

I have boycotted this place long enough but the other I used to go is having hygiene problems now (don’t ask but there is simply too many cats around this place), I have no choice but to head back to this restaurant (besides, their thosai with hot chicken curry in the morning is hard to miss).

Perhaps what Shahrir said earlier may come true. It is either that or the waiter have wrongly quoted the price.

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