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Bukit Antarabangsa: Free Taxi Ride Now

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What the fuck! From theStar: –

Residents affected by the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide can take free taxi rides to any place in the Klang Valley until Saturday.

The service is provided by the Ampang Taxi Drivers Association. Entrepreneurial and Cooperative Development Minister Datuk Noh Omar said at a press conference that the service was only for those whose homes were affected by the tragedy.

He said residents who needed the service had to register at the Barisan Nasional operations booth at Jalan Bukit Antarabangsa.

Noh said the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council was providing a shuttle service for the residents – from their houses to Jalan Bukit Antarabangsa. The residents can then take the taxis from Jalan Bukit Antarabangsa.

The drivers, all volunteers, would be paid a stipend of RM300 per day.

Who is paying the RM300 then? Once again, there is no accountability and transparency on where the money is coming from. Personal donations? Donation drive? Sponsorships? Or worse, public funds?

Just because those who were affected were rich, the Government and political parties are rushing in with unwarranted goodies for the rich victims – donation drive, free meals, free shuttle service, proposal to compensate, proposal for free hotel accommodations, etc. All this when the Bukit Antarabangsa resident action committee slams the Information Minister for suggesting that the house buyers should take some blame too.

What a bunch of sore losers! The more we read about the “preferential” treatment being given to the victims, the more we feel that those victims deserves it. I wonder what would be the next “goody bag” for the victims?

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