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Flip Flop Mike, Once Again!

He is at it again…another U turn!

From theStar:-

Kapar Member of Parliament S. Manika¬vasagam has agreed to hold off on his decision to quit as a member of PKR until he has met with party leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He will meet the Opposition party adviser after he comes back from a trip to India in mid-January.

However, he reiterated he was ready to “leave the party at any time” and has already sent in a letter resigning from his post as Selangor PKR deputy liaison chairman to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, effective immediately.

Aiyah, no need to waste anyone’s time lah, flip flop Mike – enough of the blackmailing shit and just resign lah. You are just giving the Indians, the oppositions and those who voted you a bad name.

Haven’t you heard the maxim – when the going gets tough, the tough gets going? Work with the system to make real change instead of going and bitching around. That reflects on your shortcoming, instead of others.


P.s. In case you have forgotten, remember that you are not only representing the Indians voters – watch yourself talking about helping all voters. You sure have a very short memory.

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2 thoughts on “Flip Flop Mike, Once Again!”

  1. While I respect Manikavasagam for his forthright grass-roots work in the past, he is very quickly and surely showing himself to be unsuitable MP material.

    A good MP needs to show understanding that he represents ALL the people in his constituency. And an effective MP has to learn how to work WITH the system to improve the lives of the people he represents, even if the mechanism isn’t to his liking.

  2. Kittykat46 – that’s true. this Mike character was certainly a changed man after he got the votes in. He can’t expect everything to go his way, all the time. He can bitch about it but use the proper channel instead of doing it in the open.

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