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Malacca Side Shows

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Politicians certainly know how to bring in the attention to themselves.

From theStar:-

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will have the honour of being the first Datukship recipient from Malacca to don the official state samping during a special investiture ceremony tomorrow.

The RM3,000 specially-made black samping is adorned with kesidang flower motif and tied in the style of the late P. Ramlee to complete the baju melayu to be worn by Shah Rukh Khan.

The samping is sponsored by Institut Seni Malaysia Melaka (funded by the State Government?), whose representatives will help the actor put on the samping.

The RM550 baju melayu of Italian crepe is sponsored by Sovereign Wear Sdn Bhd (remember? It was originally a black Malay costume).

Managing director Huzry Fionnawatty Hussein said the baju melayu was tailored around the actor’s estimated 5ft 8in frame.

It was “bad” that the great actor was given an undeserving Datukship (no offence to Shah Rukh) but now he is even provided with expensive attire for the ceremony. Hopefully the money from the attires does not come from public funds.

But when think of the “side shows” – city tours, expensive costumes, meeting of fans – that are coming along with the Datukship, it is no hard to think that the award is nothing more than “a mean to an end”.

Doesn’t it?

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