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More comments on bitchy Mike

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S. Manikavasagam is not getting much sympathy on the net

Interesting comments over at Anilnetto on the latest fiasco by S. Manikavasagam:-

The Kapar MP lacks empathy and has not got a grasp of the whole situation. He should observe and listen more than screaming his head off. Does he know that nobody is listening to his tantrums ?


Kapar MP should be told that he wasn’t elected by Indians in Kapar.

Indians form only 12% of the voters while the Malays form 50% and they gave him 12,000 majority just like the Malays in Padang Seria (Kedah) of Gobalakirishnan gave him almost 12,000 majority as well though both were parachute contestants. Yet he (Mike) is behaving as if he was elected by Indians alone and says his can only consult Hindraf as if the party didn’t invest in him, didn’t campaign for him and didn’t convince urban Malays to give him a place in Parliament. He is insensitive and acts like a samseng.

No wonder Karpal Singh said today: “”People did not elect him in his personal capacity. He has no right to leave PKR and join any other party. His only other option is to resign so that the people in the constituency can decide what they want.” (NST)

If Manikavasagam is not able to read the writing on the wall by now, he deserves to be kicked out, hard and fast

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