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More smart moves…

(The police spending too much time and resources chasing after peaceful cyclists whilst the crime rates continues to be high)

The day when we heard the Home Minister saying that RPK’s article misleads the people and makes him look stupid, we have this (from the People’s Parliament):-

39 JERIT cyclists and activists, including SUARAM staff and secretariat member, have been arrested by the police in Bangi. At 9.30am today, the JERIT cyclists cycled from Denudin Estate to Bangi Lama Estate where they arrived at around 11.30am.

They were supposed to cycle to Kajang after the pit stop at Bangi Lama Estate. However, at the Bangi Lama Estate, police ambushed the estate and threatened to arrest the activists and cyclists. At around 1.15pm, the police arrested the cyclists and activists.

Who is JERIT and why the Government is so afraid of them?

Doesn’t the latest act of the police makes the Home Minister look stupid as well?

Threatening and tagging a bunch of cyclists as a threat to the security of the country. Who needs RPK when they can do it themselves?

Besides don’t the police and the Home Minister have much better things to do…err, like reducing the crime rate in the country?

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