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Questions on IJN

My Dad will be happy to know that the dubious deal did not go through.

Rocky’s Bru asks these questions:-

1. Why would Government wish to sell IJN when MoH had plans to build some 5 new cardiac centres in the country?

2. With Sime Darby yet to do a due diligence, how could they be so confident to maintain that fee structure?

3. Is Najib reluctant to sell and is trying to stall?

4. Is this another of Omar Ong potentially failed and unimaginative advise, just like his failed Khazanah plans, Proton downsizing, and Airline rationalisation program?

5. When Zubir promise fee structure will not change, the question to be asked is not whether it will not change but for how many years is the promise good for?

6. Are we to expect another major failure in the making?

7. Why was Khairy and Shahrizat’s hubby at yesterday’s press conference by the Health Minister?

But seriously folks, I suggest you read OutSyed The Box’s post on this and where among other things he said:-

Why should the Government sell off a Government hospital that is now subsidized with taxpayers hard earned money to a private company and then still continue to subsidise the private company with taxpayers money? Where is the logic in this? Sekolah kat mana ni Tuan?

This is like the toll roads. The Government has paid over RM40 Billion in subsidies to the toll road operators, on top of all the tolls they have already collected. For RM40 Billion we could have built a highway all the way from here to China – without toll. Free for the public.

Another attempt to milk the “rakyat” high and dry?

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