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Did he deserve it?

(When one is at the receiving end, will it be easy to treat criminals with gloved hands? Image source:

He was only 23 years old…

I was quite interested with this report at WantedGal Corporation where it was questioned whether the death of a suspected car thief was due to asthma or was due to police brutality.

From the pictures posted in the website, it is clear that the injuries in the back are certainly has nothing to do with asthma but rather it looks like the by-product of a “free for all” treatment (coutersy of…).

Of course the Selangor police chief had promised a “no cover up probe” on this incident and certainly it is right to assume that the deceased is innocent until proven guilty. The police’s track record speaks for itself but let’s give the benefit of doubt this time around, shall we?

After all, even it is true that the deceased has a proven track record on car theft and whoever’s car who been stolen would be praying for a very painful death for the car thieves, the deceased deserves his day in a court of law, right?

It is a tough call if you ask some of us here but certainly not for officers of the law.

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