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Hudud Hood

(Karpal – poster boy for Pakatan Rakyat or foot in the mouth agent for Barisan Nasional? Image source:

I thought of writing something else today but this spat between Karpal and PAS is getting on my nerves

Well, it is not a big secret that Mr Karpal have been shooting the Pakatan Rakyat’s unity down to the ground with his “No Hudud stand”, going as far as even threatening to pull out from the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

Now what the fuck, Mr Karpal has been smoking lately? Barisan fellows needed something to use to pressure the non Muslim voters to move away from PAS and Mr Karpal has been supplying the very ammunition, wide open.

Look at the various statements from Karpal:-

DAP will pull out if hudud laws implemented

Karpal: PAS has to accept ‘reality’

Karpal: Anwar’s statement on hudud misleading

Karpal hits out at Anwar over statement on hudud law

How that represents to the Muslims who been supporting the Pakatan Rakyat and DAP in the last general election?

You like it or not, Malaysia’s official religion is Islam and whilst Hudud may not been explained well to the non Muslims, certainly it will be better for Karpal shut his mouth in the public whilst the Pakatan Rakyat leaders discuss on this further.

The move by the Pakatan Rakyat leaders to announce that all parties will be called for discussion and consensus will be obtained before the Hudud is implemented is certainly a welcome in light of Karpal’s uncontrolled “battle” against the idea of Hudud.

Then we have this – a simple, straight forward post by RPK titled “A Fire Raging Out of Control” where he said:-

Barisan Nasional is one of those contributing to the demonising of Islam campaign. On the one hand, Umno, the head honcho of Barisan Nasional, claims to be the largest Islamic party in the world. To demonstrate how Islamic they are they launch the very confusing concept of Islam Hadhari, which many do not really know what it means yet. Then, on the other hand, they demonise Islamic laws in their fervour to demonise PAS.

But Barisan Nasional is not being candid about the matter. What they have failed to do is to explain that Hudud is just one of many Islamic laws. And Hudud is a law that deals with seven very specific crimes. But there are many other Islamic laws. And while Malaysia is yet to adopt the Hudud laws, since Independence, we have already adopted all the other Islamic laws and they are being implemented to the fullest.

Let me repeat that. Malaysia already practices the Islamic law of Hudud, but only for Muslims. And we do not call them Hudud laws although in reality they are.

I strongly suggest Karpal reads it until he had found the wisdom to find the right words to be used in the public when it comes to issues such as Hudud. If you think about it, no one had given the opportunity for PAS to explain the Hudud concept in detail – everyone including DAP, MCA and MIC is shooting it outright, most of the time with hidden agendas.

He should not forget that there is an enemy out there who is waiting to create trouble, racial and religion disharmony and move the people’s support away from Pakatan Rakyat and back to the shit-hole that we been having in the last 50 years.

We don’t need Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders scoring their own goals, not now, not here!

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