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Into the Movies Now

(This is an easy going guy – Forrest Gump. Image source:

I don’t know what is happening to me this week – I am spending my free time watching movies (done “I Am Legend”, “Forrest Gump” and now “Fight Club”) instead writing down something for the blog.

Perhaps I am waiting for some new ideas for the blog but it is just an excuse, I know. Perhaps I have been “passively” affected by my 10 years old 29’ TV at home which went “kaput” suddenly last week, quickening my long time “evil” plan to buy a new 34’ inch LCD TV.

Ya that is it! Well, that do explains things – my son going more “wild” because he can’t see his kiddies’ shows on a big screen, my wife looking more stressed and I into the movies now.

It is either that or I am itching to go and waste money in the year of the Ox.

P.s. did you know that in the movie, I Am Legend, the year Will Smith broadcast to survivors is 2012. Sound familiar?

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