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Left for Interpretations

(Austerity should be a riot! Image source:

The big heading over at theStar certainly sounds scary if not outright suspicious – “Govt depts ordered to drop austerity measures

Isn’t austerity good for the department, the country and its people? And when someone orders the austerity measures to be dropped, the question on everyone’s mind should be – “Are we opening the floodgate, once again?”

Of course, the usual “qualifying” statements are there:-

Dr Wan Abdul Aziz said, however, department heads must ensure that the funds were well spent and utilised only when necessary.

“The department heads must ensure they control their spending and adhere to the rules in place,” he said.

Just when the Governmental departments and their political masters have controlled and adhered to the rules in place?

Now with whatever little measures in place to be dropped and the endless public piggy bank wide opened (on the assumption, it was not earlier), who will be in the control and adhere to the rules in place?

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