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Poll: Improving BJ Thoughts

It is the New Year and it is high time for a poll on this site – what changes is needed to make BJ Thoughts better?

Last year I have been tweaking here and there for some improvement but I know I have a long way to go to make thing better.

So, it will be nice if I can get the feedback from BJ Thought readers on what is needed to make this site really tick (you can choose more than one option):-

[polldaddy poll=1250107]

In addition to the above, I would appreciate if you could comment on BJ Thoughts – what is the best thing about BJ Thoughts, what is the worse thing about BJ Thoughts, any other ideas and feedback to making your reading experience better.

Let me know as well if you would like me to list your blog in my blogroll (with a link to this site at your blog, of course).

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