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(Healthy and cheap food, that is what we really need these days. Image source:

Food these days

I was sick last week and I suspected it to be have caused by the cheap nasi lemak bungkus which I bought in the morning. The nasi lemak was good – it was warm (that should indicate something on the time I bought it), small (the size has gone down by a fraction) but expensive (the price has gone up by RM0.20!).

As I was sitting with a pain in my stomach the whole and busied myself with the daily work, I reflected back on the kind of food that is available near my workplace. Breakfast – oily fried noodles or heavy nasi lemak, lunch – more oily stuff or MSG laden noodle dishes. The good stuff like fresh, less oily but “thin crunchy” thosai or fruits (thinly sliced too) or fresh milk is getting “beyond” the reaches of the ordinary Malaysians.

Economy rice is no longer economical, that’s for sure. In fact, there was a floor rate imposed on most of the shops here – “plain of the plain” rice with 2 vegetables cost RM4 and anything extra to the dish means an immediate by at least a RM1 or more. Obviously, there are no ceiling rates here.

Most of it went up in tandem with the increase of fuel but it has not reduced since then, even after the Government gleefully announced the much awaited reduction of fuel price.

The other option will be of course to bring home cooked food but leaving home when it is still dark means someone have to wake up even earlier to cook the food. And with that someone is my wife who is also working, that means it is not usual for her to wake up and prepare the food. That is usually left for Saturdays and Sundays when we can afford to sleep a bit longer and able to cook more leisurely. Probably Saturdays and Sundays is the only days in the week when one can eat real food.

When it comes to outside home food, we are bleeding on eairher money or quality. Both do not look good for now.

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2 thoughts on “Quality of…”

  1. It’s time to tighten the belt. It’s not about paying for the food, but to eat healthily.

    Breakfast, 2 half boiled eggs and a toast.

    Lunch, salad or just fruits.

    Dinner, half portion rice, 1 meat (fish,chicken etc) 1 veggie.

    I’ve lost weight, it does feel lighter and more energetic than usual. You should try it 😉

  2. Noktah Hitam – thanks for the tips. Ya, tried on the half boiled eggs, toast and salad before but it did not take long before I got hungry again, ha ha.

    But managed to reduce the rice during the lunch and dinner, still need to improve the variety of healthy food. But half boiled eggs will be a good start.

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