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Wardrobe Malfunction

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I encountered the second most embarrassing moment at workplace yesterday. I had my pants ripped whilst I was in the office.

It was late in the evening when I wanted to go to the gents, my bladder was overloaded but I been putting off the “visit” as I busied myself with work. I walked towards the gents but then I noticed that my shoe lace was loose. Without thinking further, I squat down to tie my shoe lace. What happened next was disaster.

I heard a loud ripping sound and before I know it, my pants were ripped. I don’t know what had happened – my bum got bigger, my pants got old and worn out, the manner of me squatting was wrong or it is just my bad luck before Chinese New Year, I don’t know.

Surprisingly I did not panic. I calmly continued to tie my shoe laces and walked to the gents. Thankfully no one was around to discover my little accident. In the gents, I inspected the damage done. There was a large rip at my rear area, too large to hide it with my hands.

I walked back to my place with ripped pants and continued with my work. I waited until almost everyone had left the office before packing up. I used my laptop bag to cover my embarrassing area when I walked past the guards and to the parking area. I was home safe

In view of the long holidays, I will travelling this weekend and will be back after the holidays. Perhaps take the time to buy new pants whilst I am on holiday.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays to all

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